Do I Review Good

Following are the reviews that I have written on my fellow peers Pitch posts.

Firstly is the review on Nick Gates Pitch on Battle Royale games and what makes each of these games unique and separate.

What did I contribute In this comment I supported the current suggested strategies and outline of Nicks pitch. To this I however have added a couple of potential suggestions to improve the breadth of their analysis on the games by suggesting they include the split in the general battle royale player base between the games, with an example given from reddit on this, as well suggesting they look at asset ‘borrowing’ between these games. Lastly I also suggested they look at some of the issues of the studios behind the games to increase detail on the studios themselves and potentially looking at the drive behind the studios.

From this Pitch I learned about some of the culture and genre behind battle royale games in addition to the competition behind the individual games themselves.

Following this is my review on Kyle Genrich’s pitch on creating a series of videos on reviewing and examining the NBA.

This was probably my more limited feedback comment I supplied due to my very limited knowledge on the NBA, however I suggested that they could look at other Sports Influencers to see what they do and could potentially follow from example or borrow ideas that could benefit them. Additionally I also suggested opening his focus to include influenceable player pairs and controversial calls that could draw in a greater viewer base from people trying to learn more about the NBA rules and not just more hardcore fans.

From this pitch I came to realise that DA’s could potentially be able to focus on more than just video games in general, in addition to a potential other form of digital media as using it as an influencer.

And my final review was on Breanna Gordons pitch on how nostalgia plays a factor in boosting the popularity of Old School Runescape

Perhaps my favourite pitch I suggested that they could potentially include more intrinsic bits of OSRS and how they relate to promote nostalgia content. Additionally I suggested an inclusion of how OSRS influenced the traditional take on MMORPG’s since it was one of OG’s. Additionally focusing on content that was phased out in progression to RS3 such as quests that now only exist in OSRS. Lastly I included that they could talk about differences and optimisations between 2007scape and OSRS. I believe that these inclusions could add greater detail and provide more depth on what exactly causes nostalgia in OSRS and why this makes it more popular then RS3 in many peoples eyes. I haven’t learnt much more about Runescape itself from this pitch since I too have been playing this since 2006, however I have learnt more about MMORPG’s in general.

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