All Hail the Great Mighty Poo, Remembering Conkers Bad Fur Day

Conkers Bad Fur Day is a Platformer released in 2001 by Rare on the Nintendo 64. Its appearance and gameplay is very similar to more well known classics of the time, such as Banjo Kazooie and Ape Escape, however Conkers Bad Fur Day was intended for a mature audience. Conkers Bad Fur day was made notable by its inclusion of several mature themes, including Heavy Drinking, Coarse Language and a plethora of adult jokes and references. However what it is perhaps most commonly remembered by is a certain boss known as the Great Mighty Poo, a opera singing poo that you defeat by feeding it toilet paper and finally flushing it down a pipe, I’ve included a video of this below. More on the actual game here.

For a total in depth analysis of this game I would begin by comparing it against other Platforming games that were released around the same time as Conkers Bad Fur Day was. Through this we can discover and compare the paratext of platforming games and analyse which of these tropes and devices Conkers Bad Fur Day follows, which it doesn’t include and whether it adds anything unique.

Following I would include a analysis of what drives Conker to actually undertake his journey and what drives him to continue following it and what is ultimately achieved by his adventure. Furthermore this would be followed by delving into the drive of producers of the game, in regards to what inspired them, why they decided on a game for mature audiences and why it was so dissimilar to Rare’s ongoing hit series Banjo Kazooie. Banjo Kazooie being a very visually similar platformer but intended for a much younger audience with several sequels and a large following. More on Banjo Kazooie here.

Lastly a focus on the how the game was received at the time whether it was criticised for its more adult content, was welcomed by adults for a game more focused towards them or fell flat upon release. Additionally I would also compare it to the remaster of the game Conker: Live and Reloaded that was released in 2018 to see how it was received then, since it does include themes that may have been more acceptable in the early 2000’s.

In summary, if I were to try and create a more depth investigation and analysis of Conkers Bad Fur Day I would focus on three main points. These points being comparing the game against similar games within the platforming genre, examining what drives Conker to undertake his adventure in addition to what drove the production of the game, finally I would focus on how the game was received when it was released and how different its reception was compared to the release of the remake.

I have also included a brief video by the youtuber Call Me Kevin so to show an example of the gameplay and a example of a more current day reaction to the game.

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